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Affordable Engagement Ring from Top Jewelry Store

An average engagement ring costs around $5500. If you or your partner is earning below minimum wage, you will probably have to wait for a year or more than that before you or he can afford to buy an engagement ring. On the other hand, there are many ways for you to be in the ‘engaged’ status now and start wearing a bridal bling that you can flaunt to your girlfriends. Here are the 7 steps on how to get affordable engagement ring at top jewelry store without hurting your pocket.

jewelry1. Forget about the brands

Indeed Tiffany & Co. showcases great selections of engagement rings that your partner will surely love. On the other hand, the first step to remember is to skip the brand names, said CEO of leading provider of engagement rings in Houston TX. It is the name or the brand that sells the items, which are usually expensive. Also, they charge up to 10% on their items for the marketing and jeweler experience, but if you are opting for a ring that is within your budget, look for another jeweler or jewelry store.

2. Compromise the C’s

You may have read about the four C’s in diamond shopping before you headed to a jewelry store, but on the 7 steps on how to get affordable engagement ring at top jewelry store you should compromise the C’s. Why, because buying a 1.8 or 1.5 carat diamond is considerably cheaper than buying 2 or 4 carats. This diamond shopping tip is considered ‘buy shy’, where a buyer can save nearly 20 percent and the diamond’s carat is hardly noticeable.

3. Strategic ring setting

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, so an engagement ring without a diamond is not an engagement ring at all for any woman. Thus, if your budget won’t allow you to purchase that ring with sparkling stones, you can be strategic with its setting. Instead of setting your heart on that huge rock ring, you can simply create an illusion that makes a small to medium size gemstone to a large one. Check out a ring in halo setting, it is a setting of stones where a center stone is surrounded by smaller stones or clustered diamonds. It looks big, but honestly, it is just an illusion and this idea will certainly save you more on buying the ring.

4. Ditch the platinum and choose gold

Platinum is durable and its color won’t fade, but it comes with a price, that you probably can’t afford. However, you can ditch the platinum and choose gold, well not necessarily the yellow gold. You can choose white hold or rose gold to make the ring fashionable. It looks pretty for any setting you desire, rush resistant and goes loosely on your wallet.

5. Minimal prong setting

The fifth on the 7 steps on how to get affordable engagement ring at top jewelry store is to pick the right prong. This applies if you will be customizing the engagement ring. Less metal used on the ring means it is less expensive. A minimal prong setting is considered a cheaper option and an example of this is a tripod-like that secures the diamond above.

6. Buy a jewelry set

The sixth step, but an important one, on the 7 steps on how to get affordable engagement ring at top jewelry store is to buy the ring in a set. You probably plan to give her new earrings or necklace too, so if your budget permits, you should rather go buy a jewelry set than focusing on the ring alone. You are lucky to get a deal on buying an engagement ring and wedding rings at the same time, so you get more savings.

7. Use your haggling and other negotiation skills

Select the best time of the year when it is quite a slow time for the sale of jewelers, like summer. During this season, consumers like you have more room to negotiate on the price of their jewelries, especially for diamond engagement rings. You can find stores offering great deal of discounts in buying engagement ring and wedding rings at the same time. Other stores can have great discounts if you pay cash instead of using a credit card.


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